WordCamps, Meetups, and tech talks!

I’ve been on a bit of a speaking tour lately and gotten some good feedback on some of my talks, which is always great. Many of these talks were part of local WordCamps.  Don’t know what WordCamp is? Lean more at WordCamp Central.

If you’ve never been to a WordCamp, I’d really encourage you to attend one near you.  They’re 1 or 2 days of jam-packed learning and meeting people in the local WordPress Community.

If you know of a WordCamp near you that needs speakers, don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be more than happy to speak.  A full list of talks I’ve given or that are in the works can be found on Symposium.

With that, here are the slides/recordings of my recent WordPress Roadshow:

Chicago Web Pros MeetupEnterprise Scale WordPress – WordPress now powers over 25% of sites on the web including big names such as Time, CNN, TechCrunch and more. What changes about a WordPress site when it needs to function on such a large scale?

In this talk, we explore how WordPress can be tweaked to serve content to millions of visitors per month, how to keep code modular using custom-built plugins, special considerations for enterprise-sized sites and more!

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into creating and maintaining a high-traffic WordPress site, this will be one you won’t want to miss.

Chicago Northside WordPress MeetupYou’ve Been Hacked: What Now? – You find some blog posts on your site that you didn’t publish. Or you get an email from your host telling you your site is sending out spam email. Or maybe you were just browsing your site and you found a file that doesn’t look quite right.

In this talk, we’ll cover everything from the basic steps to take (changing passwords, locking down your theme, and enforcing proper file permissions) to finding the affected portions of your site (checking core, theme, and plugin files against WP.org versions) and removing the malicious code. We’ll also touch on general security practices that can prevent breaches in the future.

WordCamp Nashville 2016, WordCamp Cincinnati 2016 – Customizing WP-Admin with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) – The Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin is a powerful tool that allows you to extend the capabilities of WordPress admin without writing any additional code to create these fields.

We’ll explore how ACF allows you to offer additional functionality to your clients, how to use these new fields in your templates, and how to make sure you don’t go too far when adding fields.

WordCamp Dallas 2016 – WordPress Debugging Tools and Tips – Everyone’s code has bugs. Luckily there are almost as many tools to help squash bugs as there are bugs to be squashed.

In this talk, we’ll take a detailed look at how to debug and fix some common issues associated with WordPress sites.

We’ll explore how Chrome’s Developer Tools can help us pinpoint front end bugs. Then, we’ll take a look under the hood with the Query Monitor plugin and see what’s going on behind the scenes with your WordPress site, including database queries, included template files, and more. With all these tools in your toolbox, you can ensure that your code is in the best possible shape and ready to ship!

Watch the full video on WordPress.tv

That’s all for now!

Got something you really want to learn about that you think would make a great webinar? I would love to hear about it.  Shoot me an email at keanan@levelupwp.net or tweet me @KKoppenhaver.